Eagle and the Mountains


There is an eagle’s nest about 200 ft. from my studio. the eagle couple, mated for life, comes back to the nest every year. You know something? They are loud. The chitter-chatter to each other all the time and squawk and screech and when the babies finally show up–well let me tell you–I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up. Mr. and Mrs. Eagle have reveille at about 4 each morning.

BambooBambooBar HarborBar HarborHunter GreenHunter GreenMidnight BlueMidnight BlueRavenRavenVery WhiteWhite Mat
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Extra Large 16 x 20, Large 11 x 14, Small 8 x 10

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Bamboo, Bar Harbor, Hunter Green, Midnight Blue, Raven, Very White


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